Black, White, and Blue

I just want to share some images that I shot a loooooooong time ago, maybe about a year and a half ago to be a little more precise. Anyway, I never publicly shared this series (with the exception of one photo}. I was a little insecure about putting it out there because:

a) I wasn’t sure that they were good enough

b) The series is unfinished

So, the reason I decided to share now is because I really do like these images. Had I taken on this venture now as opposed to then, I would’ve put more effort into the concept and photographed tons of people (as I’m typing, I’m thinking to myself that this is still not off the table…)

At any rate, take a looksee…hope you enjoy.

This image was exhibited at MoCA-GA for the 2011 Mover and Shakers Exhibit in Atlanta, Ga