Sister from another mister… AND mother

Ok, so those that have seen HaJ and I around town have thought to themselves, “I didn’t know TT had a twin” and and to be completely honest, I DON’T! I am a firm believer that my friend HaJ, owner of Tickles.TV is a bona fide familial Tribes-woman. Even though her father is not mine and my mother is not hers, she and I are related in some shape or fashion…I mean we have to be. Why else would we do dumb shit like, finish each others sentences or show up to an event wearing the same exact color scheme, OR equally have a fascination/obsession with feather tattoos and fingernail polish…I mean, it’s crazy…the list goes on! In my logical mind, I think there are only so many ways that genes can be arranged and re-arranged before you start repeating patterns (kinda like phone numbers…for all the millions of people with a telephone, there are some that have the SAME number)…well anyhoo, I think I found my repeat pattern, my real life Doppelganger…

At any rate, we had a fun shoot!

Tell me what you think!