Don’t Call it a Comeback…

Ok…so I know I’ve been away for quite some time…but i’m back now. Let’s celebrate. Here are some behind the scenes images from my friend Fahamu’s video production for his project “All That… Continue reading

Daddy Day

Let’s be honest here, Father’s are kinda tired of getting ties and cologne for Daddy’s Day…what he really wants is for the world to see the fly, debonair dude that he is. No… Continue reading

Tattoo Tiff!

Nothing says fine art like a little irreversible skin paint. I’m a HUGE fan of artistry of all mediums…and I’m especially a fan of dope tattoos. My friend Tiffany “Buttafly” Burns is a… Continue reading

Photo of the Day – Grimace Grill

Just because I like gold teeth. I’m a big fan of adornment on all levels.


I vividly remember as a growing child that I would miss out on a LOT of outside play time because my room often resembled¬† the scattered thoughts that took over my brain space.… Continue reading

Photo Fun

So, I was going through some of my older images and began thinking to myself that I used to be more aggressive in terms of shooting. I was hungry to shoot any and… Continue reading

Photo of the Day – Reed Decker

Ladies and Gents, let me introduce you to Reed Decker. He is an incredible photographer that shares the same love and passion for great portraiture as I. You can view some of his… Continue reading

Photo of the Day – Legs

For some reason, ZZ Top’s song Legs keeps running through my head…”she got LEGS, and she knows how to use ’em” yep..these legs have walked (and run AND biked) many a mile in… Continue reading

Black, White, and Blue

I just want to share some images that I shot a loooooooong time ago, maybe about a year and a half ago to be a little more precise. Anyway, I never publicly shared… Continue reading

Sister from another mister… AND mother

Ok, so those that have seen HaJ and I around town have thought to themselves, “I didn’t know TT had a twin” and and to be completely honest, I DON’T! I am a… Continue reading