Happy 4/20

I just want to say to all the self-healers and children of the Earth, Happy Earthhday! It’s no mistake that the Earth’s Birthday, MY birthday and the inception of the weed smoker’s holiday… Continue reading

Photo of the Day

This is a portrait of a beautiful woman named Nanziri. I’m revisiting my filmwork and this image is all the inspiration that I need to get back to analog.

A Picture of Health

There is really no greater feeling (to me) than KNOWING I’m doing the right thing. Just 5 years ago i was smoking cigarettes, eating hamburgers, and drinking pop. Fast forward to now, I… Continue reading

Korean Konnection (part deux)

So here we go. This is my second installment of (cold) Korean images. I’ve met some REALLY fantastic people while I’ve been here and I’ve also connected with a few old friends (one… Continue reading

Korean Konnection

Greetings All, It’s been quite a while since my last post so I thought that now is as good a time as any to share some photos. I’m visiting Korea for a couple… Continue reading

Music Videoville

Another video filmed and directed by yours truly. Big thanks to Will Feagins, Jr. for the incredible editing that he did on this project. If it weren’t for him, this thing may have… Continue reading



Multiples of One

I think it’s safe to say that I have a pretty healthy (sometimes hefty) infatuation with multiple exposures. There’s no particular explanation for it except that maybe two is better than one and… Continue reading

My study on TT Coles (the enlightenment period)

I spend a lot of time and energy photographing other people, it’s what I do.  What I’ve come to realize in doing so is that you learn quite a bit about a person… Continue reading

Feed The People

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of joining freedom fighter, Kalonji Changa and his crew in a concerted effort to nourish the bodies and souls of hundreds of hungry Atlantans. I was… Continue reading