Tattoo Tiff!

Nothing says fine art like a little irreversible skin paint. I’m a HUGE fan of artistry of all mediums…and I’m especially a fan of dope tattoos.

My friend Tiffany “Buttafly” Burns is a living, breathing, walking skin art gallery. She has quite a few INCREDIBLE tats from quite a few INCREDIBLE artists. Just the other day, I tagged along with her to get her latest addition to her body canvas. We traveled all the way to the south side to visit her old friend Randy at Tattoos and Piercing by Randy. I have a few tattoos myself, and even though I KNOW they hurt, there is something very addictive about them.

My girl Tiff is a trooper. Her visit to Randy was to work on the half sleeve that she’s getting over time. Randy was the perfect go to for the job. His detail work and shading is INSANE. He was meticulous and he actually worked pretty fast (if you can call 4 hours fast…).




Randy prepping the canvas!

No turnin back now, Tiff. Fully committed!

It wasn’t hurting too bad at this point, she was doing great!

The endorphin release is starting to wear off here…she’s starting to feel it…

4 hours later…all done!

Randy, sharpen a needle for me! I’m coming to see you soon!!!!