A Picture of Health

There is really no greater feeling (to me) than KNOWING I’m doing the right thing. Just 5 years ago i was smoking cigarettes, eating hamburgers, and drinking pop. Fast forward to now, I am tobacco/nicotine free and consume a diet of raw fruits, veggies and juices, nuts and seeds…all in the name of health.

Knowledge is power, people. I had no idea the damage I was doing to my body. Couple that horrible diet with stress and you have a perfect breeding ground for tumor growth of ANY kind. I’ve struggled with fibroid tumors for YEARS, like many women. Dealing with embarrassingly heavy periods that have left me so iron deficient that I would have to see a hematologist once a week (for 5 weeks) every couple of months. Although my gynecologist  insisted that the only effective remedy for my problem was to have a terribly invasive surgery called a myomectomy, I elected to take my health into my own hands. I don’t think that surgery is necessary in every situation. In this case I believe it’s a quick fix (and I say fix very reluctantly) to a very complicated problem that took years to develop. Surgery is sometimes akin to taking prescription drugs…it might (with an emphasis on might) fix one problem, but not without creating at least 5 more. That’s not an option for me.

It’s not that my gynecologist wasn’t convincing when suggesting the surgery. As a matter of fact, he presented his case so well that I initially agreed to go through with it. Something in my mind and body just wouldn’t allow me to do it though. Literally, as I was in my pre-op prep room, I backed out. I knew in that moment that I was going to HAVE to heal myself. I researched, I reached out to people, and I finally found an option that I could unite with. Changing my diet! For the past 5 years, I could be classified as a Pesca-Vegetarian (I still ate fish) and even though I was still eating fairly healthy (if you overlook the potato chips and fried tofu that I ate) but it wasn’t healthy enough. My body was craving desperately needed enzymes that you get from fresh organic fruits and veggies. Luckily for me, I have a beautiful friend that just happened to be a Raw Vegan for the past 2 years…not to mention that she is a Vegan chef/caterer, so she was able to share some insight with me. (as a matter of fact, check Jamila Crawford out right here)

It’s only been a month since I made the change and I already see and feel a difference. My periods are changing and my body is releasing the fibrous tissue that has developed over the years…not to mention, I’ve lost some *ahem* extra fat as an added bonus :-D. I’m on the right track!!!! I’m actually looking to connect with other women that have this problem that have either healed themselves through food or are willing to give it a try. Support ALWAYS raises optimism. Being able to relate to other women and mark our successes would be so gratifying. As a matter of fact…if you have ANY problems that you want to heal with food, man or woman, let’s have a conversation.

I hope to hear from you soon!!!!!!