My study on TT Coles (the enlightenment period)

I spend a lot of time and energy photographing other people, it’s what I do.  What I’ve come to realize in doing so is that you learn quite a bit about a person when they find themselves in front of your camera. The most (seemingly) confident person may struggle a bit with how they may come across in a still image and the timid introvert often times will flourish in front of my lens. More importantly, I have the belief that no matter what type of person you are, if you are photographed enough, at some point your vulnerability becomes uncovered and the true essence of YOU is revealed. This is really what it’s all about for me. An honest moment captured. Unfortunately, these moments are rare but it’s cause for a greater appreciation of them.

With all that being said, I am no stranger to my own lens. Historically, I’ve taken some “good” self-portraits. I’ve, for the most part, presented images of myself that look just like any other portrait that I’ve taken…but never having the complete courage to give insight into both my joys and pains. Life comes equipped with disappointment as well as celebrations and I definitely have my share of both. I guess to make a long story short, I’ve been photographing myself honestly. This is an ongoing project that will change with every shot…so here’s to learning more about TT Coles (my most interesting study to date)