The 15 Project

Fahamu Pecou does it again! He and Fabian Williams are definitely a force to be reckoned within arts entertainment with The 15 Project. The “Late Show for the Arts” honored Black Music Month with special guests, drummer extraordinaire Little John Roberts, hip-hop icon of Dead Prez, and the illustrious singer/songwriter Angie Stone. Included in the show was The Strumming Mummy (this guys dresses up in toilet paper and sings…he was pretty funny), famed Dj Cha-Cha Jones on the 1’s and 2’s and the video premiere of “Beauty Within” by Dead Prez; directed by “the Gordon Parks of hip-hop”, Shannon McCollum.  The video celebrated the unmistakeable beauty of natural women (you can catch a glimpse of me in there a time or two).  OH! And how could I forget the very first live performance of the Soggy Bottom Boys. This ridiculous rap trio isn’t satisfied with the trend of sagging their pants below “cheek” level, no…they “Let em Drag”. (please treat yourself to a good laugh by watching their video…and NOT just because it was shot and directed by ME… )

Well without further adieu and since I’m much better at telling a story through photos than words, I present to you…

The 15 Project: In Pictures

all images © TT Coles Photography 2010-2011