TT Coles, Videographer?

Ok…so I’ve been toying around with the idea of shooting some serious video for a long time. Every once in a while when I’m out shooting, I would select the “live view” switch on my camera, press the record button, and see what I come up with. That led to me having all these random video clips just hangin’ around.  A friend of mine shared a few tips on the video software that I already had from Adobe…but the truth of the matter was that I was just too busy to figure it all out…so I thought. WELL, one fine day I decided to try and put some clips together to get some practice with the software. What I discovered is that editing the footage was actually kinda fun for me…in the same way that editing photos is. The best part of shooting for me is getting my images into Photoshop and making them come to life…well that’s the same feeling that I got with video editing. Once I got started…and found out that I could manipulate video footage in a similar way that I edit my photos….I was all IN! I mentioned to my friend Jamila that I wanted to shoot some video…so that I could get practice with editing. We planned to do a few projects in the future and what’s more is she shared this news with friend and artist extraordinaire Fahamu Pecou. He called to tell me that he had an upcoming exhibit in Paris. He went on to say that he wrote a song for the project that Jamila was singing on and that he wanted ME to shoot the video! My initial reaction, of course, was elation!…but then…after I agreed to do it…I was like, “whoa…this HAS to be good and he’s trusting ME to do this…and I’ve never done anything like this before”. I was nervous…but I knew that I wanted to do it. We set a shooting date and JUST DID IT! So, before I get too long-winded about this…here’s my first video. I hope you enjoy!

*let me just add a little fyi…i’m OFFICIALLY a notorious video slut now…! Now that I got a taste of what I can do…well, now I have to push it…to see how much better I can get. Welcome to my new….thing. 🙂

Fahamu Pecou is ALL over the internet…check him out