Fahamu Pecou

Over this past year, I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with artist extraordinaire Fahamu Pecou. He has been a mentor as well as a constant stream of inspiration for me from the moment that I became familiar with he and his work. One of the things that I appreciate most about him is his ability to not take himself or the hustle and bustle of life too seriously. It kind of reminds me of when I was a kid…when all my goals and aspirations were heavily based on a pleasure principal and I wasn’t afraid to do anything. When you remove the fear of looking ridiculous from your decision process, you then open the channels of undiminished imagination and expressionism.  It wasn’t until I became acquainted with Fahamu (and other successful, driven artists) that I realized that art is an essential and imperative part of my existence.  My list of the critical must haves needed to keep me alive, include food, shelter, love, oxygen for my lungs, and the freedom to create and self express (not necessarily in that order). If any one of those is amiss…then there’s trouble for me….

Any way, I digress. Fahamu has created a life that is founded in art, culture, growth, and is existentially profound. His formula yields success…Fahamu at work is Fahamu at play. He and I actually share something very special in common…

His first magazine cover was also my first cover… and I couldn’t be more proud. Here are a few more photos of Fahamu that I’ve taken. Here’s to our next cover! I hope you enjoy!