The Tattoo Collector

Here are a few images of my good friend mikeflo. It is quite obvious by the photos that he has a “thing” for tattoos…but lucky for him, he wears them well. I have joked with him on many occasions that he should take a vacation from getting inked and save some tattoos for the rest of us (HA!)

Just in case you are not familiar with mikeflo the man OR mikeflo the brand, let me give you a short brief. He is an incredible lyricist and emcee, dj for Dead Prez (and freelance), vocalist, producer….you know what?…just go to his site and see for yourself…get familiar with him.

So anyway, I went with him to his second home, City of Ink Tattoo Shop and Art Gallery (check them out too…if you want one of a kind artistic tattoos, you HAVE to go there ). This particular visit was to finish the head tattoo that Miya Bailey (co-owner, City of Ink) started months ago. As a fellow tattoo lover, I obviously jumped at the chance to document this for mikeflo but I have to admit that it was really hard for me to watch. He was clearly in pain but he handled it like a CHAMP!

Check out the photos.