Palava: 6/19

On June 19, 2010, I was honored to be one of four very talented and inpirational women/photographers to be featured at Red Creative Gallery in the Castleberry Hill District of Atlanta. Michelle Braxton, Brandi Pettijohn, Luladae Terefe and myself had the opportunity to show Atlanta what the girls have been up to. The event was truely a celebration of sisterhood and an excuse to rejoice in the presence of family and friends (new and old). I take my role a photographer very seriously. Future generations have a right to look back and take a peek at what our lives were like. They deserve to admire our strengths, embrace our growth and learn from our mishaps…just as we did and continue to do with our elders. We are a visual people and sometimes photographs tell a story in greater detail than words or sentences or paragraphs ever will. We have a responsiblilty to record our smiles as well as our tears. I am here to preserve everything that I can…so that our children will never forget.

The following images are what I chose to show at the exhibit. Needless to say, I chose to focus on love. The first love between a son and his mother and the lasting love of a couple that continue to defy the relationship standards of our time. This couple has been together for nearly 20 years. They’ve accomplished this during a time where people seem to RUN from the idea of togetherness. I may have ultimately chosen these two subjects, because I’ve yet to experience either…enjoy the images.