The blacker the berry…..

One of my artsy, creative friends, Jamila Crawford, dropped by my home this morning and asked me what kind of projects I’ve been working on lately…well that simple, solitary question changed the dynamic of our day.  I described to her a concept that I had seen and wanted to put my own spin on and also told her that I wanted to do some reference shots of myself first before I lined up models for the “real” deal. I went on to say that I was having an issue with finding the right paint for the job. I needed something incredibly black opague but it also needed a sheen…kinda like motor oil (as a matter of fact, one of her suggestions was that we use motor oil until we remembered that it only becomes black after it needs to be changed…lol). I searched online for grease paint in the past but, for the amount that I needed, it was a little too pricy. We discovered that I still had black face paint left over from another session that I’d done and the wheels IMMEDIATELY started turning. Because the face paint had a matte finish, I waited for it to dry before rubbing petroleum jelly over it and voila! It worked! I tested this concoction on a small part of my arm and once we saw that it worked….we looked at each other and smiled…she said that she would help me out if I needed her…so i continued to paint. I set up my light, put my camera on the proper setting, and Jamila pulled the trigger…the rest is Black History.  I really enjoyed editing these photos…there were so many great images that it was hard to choose. Thank you Jamila for your help. I couldn’t have gotten these great shots by myself!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!